The history of our company is
quality assurance.

S.Q. Tecnology Group has a recent birth but, at the same time, based on the many years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of the industrial plants of its Technical Department, is a daughter of a visionary leader.

For this reason, the systems built arise from the logic of a team of experts in multidisciplinary fields, to serve the customer in the “360 ° and turnkey” paradigm.

Each plant engineering challenge is faced with precision and working method, to offer the customer customized and lasting solutions.

Our story

The story of our company is a guarantee of quality. In the province of Varese in the heart of Lombardy where the mechanical tradition has always lived, a new reality is born in the universe of electromechanical constructions: S.Q. Tecnology.

The technical-organizational structure:

At S.Q. Tecnology there are diversified experiences and specializations, but at the same time complementary.

Within them there are the specialized skills to meet each request divided into different sectors, although there is no clear separation between the different operational activities

The workforce is rationally distributed in order to be able to respond in real time to the needs of the market offer and is distinguished by the high professionalism achieved in the execution of the production lines.

References matter:

The long experience and knowledge of the sector has led S.Q. Tecnology to work with leading companies on the market, dealing with leading operating companies in their sectors

Today S.Q. Tecnology Group carries out all activities by offering its own integrated technology to the service of “turnkey” projects.

Precisely in order to fully respond to the market offer, which is increasingly qualified and specialized, S.Q. Tecnology has been structured in such a way as to be able to offer an operational “package” as comprehensive as possible for the user, respecting logistical procedures and lead times.